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common problem

The white coat is white to protect the patient. Why do you say that?


In fact, a long time ago, western doctors wore suits and hats, and later put on "grey coats" outside to protect their suits, so that blood, vomit, and feces would not be so obtrusive, and they would not stain the suits inside.


However, it was later discovered that because of its resistance to dirt, the gray coat made doctors more bacteria and patients were more likely to be infected. So, I went the opposite way, turning the most dirt-resistant gray into the least dirt-resistant white.


Thus, there is a white coat.


In this way, as long as the doctor's clothes are a little dirty, it is particularly obvious, not to mention the blood of patients who may have infectious diseases. In this way, we urged and reminded doctors and hospitals to disinfect and replace their outer garments, which ultimately played a role in protecting patients.


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common problem
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common problem

Customer notification letter


Dear Customer:


Thank you for your continued support and love for "Nightingale" medical clothing for becoming an important customer of our company.


On October 1, 2019, the capital will hold a celebration for the 70th anniversary of the National Day to ensure a good environment for the celebration:


1. The current municipal government requires: "The manufacturing industry will stop production from time to time for inspection." Since our company is located in the jurisdiction of Beijing, the delivery of the order will be delayed, but our company will do our best to protect your rights!


2. The security inspection and control work will be strengthened in the Beijing area. From September 23 to October 7, 2019, the delivery of all goods will be suspended or the time limit for delivery will be postponed for 3-4 days! Our company will ship normally after October 8th!


Since the above two points will cause order delays, stop delivery, and delivery delays, we apologize for the trouble you cause! At the same time, we ask for your understanding and support!


If you have any situation, please feel free to call the customer service of Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd. Headquarters (Tel: 010-59799500-501). Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd. will continue to support you with high-quality products and quality services. The development of the hospital!




Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd.


common problem
2019-11-26 11:05:25

In the outpatient clinic, doctors wear white coats, but when they enter the operating room, the surgeon usually puts on a green or blue surgical gown.

   Do you know why? Today I will take you to explore the truth of this fact!

   It is said that before 1914, all medical staff were uniformly wearing white uniforms, just like the white coats of doctors we usually see in hospitals.

However, during the First World War, many battlefield military doctors reported the same problem to their superiors: when they turned their sights from crimson blood to white doctor uniforms during a long operation, they would be temporarily unable to The transient blindness in which Qing Qing can not even see things has caused many accidents in surgery.

   After a period of research, it turns out that this is caused by the phenomenon of "complementary color afterimage", that is, when people always stare at one color, and then look at other places, in order to obtain their own balance, the eyes have to produce A complementary color is used as a modifier, for example, red to green, blue to orange, and yellow to purple.

Because surgeons must race against time and focus when performing operations, they will keep their eyes on the red internal organs. If they look at their colleagues in white clothes at this time, or glance at the white walls, they will often see blue-green "ghosts".

   These blue-green afterimages will affect the surgeon's vision and judgment, which is very dangerous for the patient. Although they only last a few seconds and seem to be short and will not affect people, they can be fatal during surgery.

   So later, surgeons chose to wear blue and green surgical gowns to relieve visual pressure. At the same time, the operating room was basically green.

In addition, it is easy to get red blood stains in the surgical environment. If you wear a "white coat", the blood stains on your clothes will cause a bloody visual impact. Wearing green and blue uniforms will turn black and brown even if blood stains on the clothes, thus playing a role in visual adjustment.

  In addition, blue or green surgical gowns will not produce marks during repeated disinfection and sterilization, which has become a habit similar to the convention in the medical industry.

  Finally, during the operation, the surgeon is often under tremendous pressure. At this time, the green of the surgical gown can give people an impression of being full of vitality and give doctors a good psychological hint.

  Therefore, surgical gowns and surgical appliances are basically green or blue now. Now, have you figured it out?


  Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the medical clothing and apparel industry for 30 years. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights and integrates the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of medical textiles and medical clothing. To customize or purchase medical clothing, please call the customer service hotline: 010-59799500 ext. 501, professional customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly.

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