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"If you don't have faith, you won't stand." It can be seen how important it is for people to stand in society. In the business society, this sentence also has practical significance to enterprises. Under the conditions of a market economy, corporate integrity is not only the requirement of the society and the majority of users for the enterprise, but also the primary condition and foundation for the development of the enterprise itself. The integrity of an enterprise symbolizes the maturity and development of an enterprise, and is also an expression of the strength of the personality of the enterprise and entrepreneur.
      The history of social development shows that the economy needs a clear cultural orientation. This cultural orientation gradually shifted from the original centering on economic value and economic consumption to centering on mental, moral, social and aesthetic spiritual values. Then, as to how to position enterprises in social changes, the American magazine "Happiness" puts forward: "Without a strong corporate culture, excellent corporate values, corporate spirit, and corporate philosophy, no smart corporate management strategy can succeed."
      Under the influence of the Nightingale spirit, Nightingale has established the core values ​​of the enterprise and has truly become a follower of the Nightingale spirit. In the corporate culture, it is proposed that the tangible assets of the enterprise represent the past of the enterprise. Intangible assets represent the future of the company. Nightingale's business objectives are:
      1. To meet and exceed customer needs;

      2. Treat people with courtesy and unswerving integrity;
      Three, reputation, service, quality; always guarantee the best in the industry
      The company requires salespersons: "Don't slander our competitors, but use your own strength to let customers judge by themselves."



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Become a messenger of Nightingale's spiritual and health culture in China



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An international production and R&D base for protecting human life and health products

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