Social welfare

(1) Promoting the progress and development of Chinese nursing
On May 12, 2000, the International Nurse's Day began. The company trained its employees on "Character First". In 2001, the company launched a free training on "Character First" to the nursing community. Nearly 20000 medical workers in the hospital participated in this training and benefited from it. Adhering to the tenet of "promoting hospital culture construction, improving hospital management and nursing level, and contributing to social health cause", the company has built a mutual communication platform for domestic medical institutions and nursing workers.
She has held various senior training courses for nursing culture and nursing management cadres, and held hospital management exchange and service forums and seminars.
(2) Establishing China Nightingale Volunteer Nursing Service Team
On July 17, 2007, the company officially signed a contract with the Red Cross Society of China to establish the China Nightingale Volunteer Nursing Service Corps, calling on the winners of previous Nightingale Awards to organize and lead nursing students, in-service nurses and retired nurses to provide voluntary nursing services and health consulting services to the community. At the same time of providing health services for the whole people, let the public know more about nursing work, improve the status of nurses in the public mind, and work hard to improve the status of Chinese nurses. Peng Peiyun, Honorary President of the Red Cross Society of China, gave a high appraisal and affirmation of this event, which also caused great repercussions in hospitals and nursing circles. Through more than 10 years of efforts and continuous development, at present, China Nightingale Volunteer Nursing Service Corps has established nearly 424 volunteer service teams in 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, with more than 300000 volunteers. In order to better participate in public welfare undertakings, in 2017, Beijing Nightingale Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Eastergar Investment Co., Ltd. established the "Beijing Anren Public Welfare Foundation" as sponsors, aiming to provide more and better projects and services related to poverty alleviation, poverty relief and public health knowledge publicity for the society. The company has built a platform for China International Nightingale Medal winners, in-service nurses, retired nurses, and nursing students to discuss the home care model in Chinese communities, spread healthy life concepts in communities, and provide counseling and assistance for home care.