Comprehensive service solutions

Design and develop new care and protection products according to customer business development needs;

Adjust the technical parameters of existing care and protection products appropriately according to customer business needs;

Provide customers with targeted care and protective textile products.


service advantage

Cooperate with customers' zero inventory management to make a seamless docking plan;

Provide customers with professional personalized care and protective textile product services;

Provide door-to-door, door-to-port efficient, convenient and fast logistics services;

ERP order information management system, implement strict order tracking management;

Perfect customer relationship management system (CRM) and good customer information feedback system make our service quality continuously improve。

Advantages of a good social resource platform: the National Protective Clothing Research Association, the State Key Laboratory and other relevant universities, scientific research units and other important institutions jointly create and build a better information exchange platform。


Business network

In order to better serve customers, the company headquarters set up regional sales centers according to different regions to manage and service customers by region.


Customer Hotline