Social responsibility

Nightingale People's Declaration of "Corporate Citizenship":
In the vast ocean of enterprises, Beijing Nightingale is willing to be a drop of pure water.
Because we advocate: no matter what the market environment is, we always adhere to integrity and ensure compliance with national laws and regulations, maintain and implement industry standards, strictly abide by business ethics and protect the ecological environment. In the global village, Beijing Nightingale is willing to be an excellent corporate citizen. With our vision and mission as the driving force, we will provide life and health protection products and services for medical personnel and workers engaged in special industries worldwide, and widely spread healthy lifestyles and concepts in society.
In order to achieve this goal, all people in Nightingale follow Nightingale's values of "fraternity, responsibility and dedication", support and help outstanding personnel engaged in the nursing industry, engage in volunteer activities in hospitals and communities, and promote a healthy lifestyle and the concept of high-quality nursing services. We also take employee welfare, production safety, environmental protection, solving labor employment, and improving customer and employee satisfaction as our responsibilities.
We actively participate in the construction of corporate citizens. Because we know the positive significance of this construction for the sustainable development of enterprises and the role of enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. While we are proud of our achievements, we are willing to gather our resources and make continuous efforts with our strategic partners, including our competitors, to promote social progress and development!