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       Medical clothing apparel single product design

       Based on the aesthetic principles of clothing, the design of clothing styles, colors, and structure changes according to the Asian climate environment, image and skin color characteristics. The design of clothing styles advocates simplicity, elegance and conforms to the daily working environment of medical staff; the color of clothing comprehensively considers different working environments, the psychological needs of patients and medical staff, and brings more suitable psychological feelings; fabrics with different functions and textures, cooperate Appropriate style and color design make the clothing more vitality. The design of functional garments refers to the relevant national and industry standards, working environment and workflow in many aspects. After repeated experiments and modifications, with rigorous tailoring and sewing techniques, we can create a product that can protect users and users. Higher performance products.


       Medical textile design and development

       Focusing on assisting and improving the work of medical staff, following national, medical, and health standards at all levels, we manufacture medical textile series that meet various functional requirements.


       Overall design of medical professional image

       The overall image is based on the customer’s cultural concepts and needs and the customer’s area and climate, environment, humanities, hard environment and other conditions, combined with factors such as age, body type, and type of work of the clothing object; based on aesthetics and design principles, Design the general law of the overall image, and on the basis of a relatively unified image, give different characteristics according to the different image characteristics of the department, so as to achieve a comprehensive and unified overall design of the professional image.


       Color Design of Medical Professional Image

       The design of professional image color starts from the medical care industry, based on the international clothing industry fashion trends, clothing color psychology and color composition and other color professional disciplines, starting from the visual perception and psychological effects of the user and the user on the color, and cooperates with different hospitals Based on the characteristics, cultural concept, department environment, age and skin color characteristics of staff, make a targeted color design of the medical and nursing professional image. And use the brand image catalog as the main promotion method to carry out penetration promotion, so as to guide the hospital to change the overall and distinctive color image. 


       Product art design and development

       Based on the overall design of the brand's image and concept, in the overall unified framework, combined with the functions and characteristics of the product, it is designed to meet the aesthetic and psychological needs of the crowd. The product range includes: product packaging, product manuals, product-related accessories and so on.