Beijing Union Medical College Hospital


Peking Union Medical College Hospital is a large-scale general hospital located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching. It is affiliated to Peking Union Medical College (renamed Peking Union Medical College/Tsinghua University School of Medicine in 2006), is its clinical medical school, and is also the Institute of Clinical Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. One of the technical guidance centers. Peking Union Medical College Hospital is well-known in China and the world. The hospital was established in 1921. The current Dean Zhao Yupei. Peking Union Medical College Hospital is the first unit in China to undertake medical tasks for foreign guests. The hospital has a special outpatient department for foreign guests and senior officials, and special wards for senior officials, foreign guests and special needs. On July 28, 2006, it was designated by the Chinese Olympic Committee as the "Designated Hospital for Medical Services for National Team Athletes."