Anhui Provincial Hospital


The predecessor of the hospital was Hefei Christ Hospital, which was founded in 1898. It has now developed into a large-scale provincial-level tertiary-A general hospital with advanced equipment, complete specialties, and strong technical force. It is currently managed by the University of Science and Technology of China and Anhui Provincial Health Double management of the health committee.


The hospital consists of the General Hospital (Headquarters), Southern District (Anhui Brain Hospital, Anhui Cardiovascular Hospital), West District (Anhui Cancer Hospital), Infectious Disease Hospital (Hefei Infectious Disease Hospital) and Minimally Invasive Medicine Center. Build a geriatric rehabilitation center and Beicheng Hospital. At present, the total area (including planned area) is 1,158 acres, the total built-up area is 686,500 square meters, and the total under-construction area (excluding planned construction area) is 514,300 square meters. The total establishment is 2,200 beds, 5450 beds are open, and 61 clinical medical technical departments are set up. In 2018, the total number of outpatient and emergency treatments was 4.258 million, 225,100 discharged from hospital, and 111,900 surgeries were performed. The "Regional Medical Center Collaborative Medical Strategic Network" was established in 2009, and so far has established strategic synergies with 69 county and city hospitals inside and outside the province. Fully trust the People's Hospital of Yingshang County and Changfeng County to establish a provincial-county medical community, and trust the Wanghucheng Community Medical Service Center in Baohe District to establish a community medical community.