How can doctor clothes be more durable



Doctor clothes have higher requirements for washing than ordinary clothes. They need to be cleaned regularly and are industrially cleaned with high-temperature chlorine bleach. This cleaning method causes great damage to clothing. If this cleaning method is used for ordinary clothing, I believe that a piece of clothing will be scrapped in a few times. Therefore, this puts forward higher requirements for the fabric of the doctor's clothing.
High-temperature chlorine bleach can easily damage the structure of the fabric, and high-temperature chlorine bleach cannot be used for ordinary clothing. However, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect the doctor's clothes to ensure the health of doctors and patients, and high-temperature chlorine bleaching is required. Doctor uniforms are also work uniforms for doctors. Frequent replacement of doctor uniforms will increase the financial burden of medical institutions. Therefore, the choice of doctor uniforms should be durable, cost-effective, and should not be replaced frequently.