White, blue, pink, purple, green... The color of nurse clothes has mystery



May 12th is International Nurses Day. Speaking of nurses, we will naturally think of a plain white dress, and the title of "white angel" follows. However, most hospitals are no longer all white nurse uniforms. It is understood that the current nurses' uniforms are customized by the hospitals, and there is no uniform hard standard. On the afternoon of May 11, on the eve of Nurse’s Day, a reporter from the Jianghuai Morning News walked into the Second People’s Hospital of Anhui Province. Here we met 5 colors of nurse uniforms, namely white, blue, pink, purple and green. Their colors also represent the different divisions of nurses' labor, and give patients a sense of importance and respect. Let's take a look at the story behind the colors of nurses' uniforms.
  "Green Angel" Operating room nurse
   Green symbolizes vitality. This group of "green angels" from the Second Provincial Hospital work in the operating room every day. They are nurses who save lives.
   Generally speaking, patients in emergency rooms and operating rooms have relatively more serious illnesses and require higher treatment and care. "A long time ago, I was wearing a white nurse's uniform for surgery. It is difficult to clean the clothes if they are stained with blood. It will become ugly and difficult for patients to accept." said Sun Lulu, a nurse in the operating room, and now this problem disappears. Nurses wearing green nurse uniforms mean enjoying the "green channel" and the work is carried out more quickly and accurately. In addition, green symbolizes the recovery of life, can encourage critically ill patients to actively treat and overcome their pain, and also give them the courage to fight against the disease.