How to distinguish the quality of medical clothing fabrics



How to distinguish the quality of medical clothing fabrics? For medical clothing, the quality of fabrics has a wide range of effects. A good medical clothing can first establish an effective isolation layer between medical staff and patients, and secondly, medical clothing with good fabrics has a good visual effect on the body. Cleanliness and temperament can also enhance the image of medical staff and medical institutions. The identification of medical clothing fabrics firstly depends on the fabric material, and secondly depends on the quality of dyeing.
Good medical clothing fabrics require breathability, moisture absorption, good shape retention, abrasion resistance, easy washing, quick drying, antibacterial, and washing resistance. Then there are only two factors that affect the quality of medical clothing fabrics: one. The raw materials for making medical clothing fabrics. Two. Is the quality of the dyeing of medical clothing raw materials.
Identification method: combustion method. This is also an intuitive method widely adopted by industry insiders. Pure cotton cloth, which is instant, the flame is yellow, and the smell of burning is the same as burning paper. After burning, the edge is soft, leaving little gray-black flocculent ashes; the polyester cotton cloth shrinks and then melts when it is close to the flame. It emits thick black smoke, giving off a smell of inferior fragrance. After burning, the edges become hard, and the ashes are dark brown lumps, but they can be crushed.