June Nightingale meets you in Guiyang




Early summer is here, the sun is like fire

In this enthusiastic June

In the medical care industry, ushered in a grand conference

Guess what will it be?


It is the "2019 China Nursing Management Conference"


The 2019 China Nursing Management Conference will be held at the Guiyang International Conference Center on June 13-14. The conference is guided by the Institute of Hospital Management of the National Health Commission and hosted by the "Chinese Nursing Management" magazine.

The China Nursing Management Conference has been held for 7 consecutive years. The conference will invite more than 40 guests from the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore and other countries as well as China's mainland and Hong Kong to give keynote speeches, including relevant leaders of health administration departments, academicians, deans, Experts in clinical nursing, psychology, management, public health, celebrities in society, etc.



Nightingale will bring a variety of latest products to the show.

There are also exquisite small gifts on the spot~~

Here comes the point~~

The location of the exhibition is near the entrance of the main venue, booth number C33



Want to know the exhibited products?

Come and see it soon~

Flexible and full of drape, and has anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-radiation functions of pure Zhi Geer series;

Zhenzhigeer series with the gorgeous texture of silk and excellent UV protection;

The Ruizhi Geer series with beautiful, comfortable, protective, warm, unique texture and superior performance;

And the newly launched Xinshenggeer series, which adopts the three-dimensional double-layer structure textile technology, has excellent occupational protection while taking into account the comfort and beauty of wearing.

Such a stylish booth

So many popular products

Friends who want to participate, hurry up and take action

In the wind and rain, I am waiting for you at the Guiyang International Conference Center

Looking forward to your coming~~~