Customer Notification Letter Important!



Customer notification letter

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your continued support and love for "Nightingale" medical clothing for becoming an important customer of our company.

On October 1, 2019, the capital will hold a celebration for the 70th anniversary of the National Day to ensure a good environment for the celebration:

1. The current municipal government requires: "The manufacturing industry will stop production from time to time for inspection." Since our company is located in the jurisdiction of Beijing, the delivery of the order will be delayed, but our company will do our best to protect your rights!

2. The security inspection and control work will be strengthened in Beijing area. From September 23 to October 7, 2019, all goods delivery will be suspended or the delivery time will be postponed for 3-4 days! Our company will ship normally after October 8th!

Since the above two points will cause order delays, stop delivery, and delivery delays, we apologize for the trouble you cause! At the same time, we ask for your understanding and support!

If you have any situation, please feel free to call the customer service of Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd. Headquarters (Tel: 010-59799500-501). Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd. will continue to support you with high-quality products and quality services. The development of the hospital!

Beijing Nightingale Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Customer Service Department

September 20, 2019