Nurse's Appointment and Sijiana Media: Disseminate high-quality videos to help people's health




Nurse's Appointment and Sijiana Media: Disseminate high-quality videos to help people's health



Recently, Nurse's Appointment and Sikana Media's Sikana Video Classroom reached a reprinting cooperation, and obtained the reprinting authorization of Sikana Video Classroom Chinese health video courses. These videos will be launched on the Nurse's Appointment platform in the near future to provide a large number of users Free first aid, disease prevention, traffic safety, disaster self-rescue and other health knowledge video courses, assist users in learning health knowledge and help the health of the whole people.

Nurse's Appointment is an APP produced by Beijing Eastgate Internet Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Nightingale Group. It provides online communication and interactive services for the majority of nurses and is committed to providing nurses with more service support , So that its life and work can be improved with high quality. The main service sections of the Nurse Appointment APP include: activities, circles, watching, videos, personal centers, etc.

Nurses can sign up to participate in various events held by the hospital on the APP, sign in and sign out, and they can take photos, spit out, and talk freely in the circle. They can also see the most beloved nursing information, and they can also see all over the country. Activities, health, knowledge and other videos carefully recorded by excellent hospitals and nurses.



Sikana was established in France in 2009 as a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming education by providing basic skills courses. Sikana hopes to provide everyone with the opportunity to receive education for free anytime, anywhere. The word Sikana is derived from Hindi, meaning learning and sharing.



Sikana's mission is to provide people with practical skills, spread health and environmental awareness, and provide the best education for everyone through elaborate multilingual educational video programs, so that everyone can live a full, independent and dignified life . Sikana's video teaching courses are provided by top experts, artists, musicians, craftsmen and athletes. The content covers nature, health, diet, handicrafts, sports, art and other fields, and there are multiple languages to choose from.



The content of Sikana Video Classroom China is operated by Fuzhou Sijiana Culture Media Co., Ltd. After reaching a cooperation with Sikana Video Classroom, Sikana Video Classroom was authorized to reprint the health video content of Sikana Video Classroom. Sikana will help the Nurse Covenant platform to further expand the video content resource library.

The nurse's appointment operation team will supplement the cover and statement of the original video provided by sikana, and display them on the nurse's appointment app, the WeChat service account of the Nightingale Volunteer Nursing Corps, and the Wechat service account of Eastgate for the platform Users watch, learn for free, and help the user group of nurses to learn first aid, disease prevention, traffic safety, disaster self-rescue and other skills, to better serve themselves and others, and to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

The nurses' appointment will also use the advantages of the nurse group and its own platform to spread, so that the health videos of Sikana video classroom can reach more users, get more exposure, and achieve a win-win situation. It is hoped that in the future, the two parties can continue to deepen cooperation, promote each other, improve together, and promote more high-quality content to accurately reach a large number of users.

At present, the Nurse's App 1.0 version has been put on the shelves of Apple, 360 Mobile Assistant, OPPO, VIVO and other application markets. Please scan the QR code below to download and install the latest version of the APP. If you have good suggestions for our platform, please leave us a message in APP feedback or public account. The nurse appointment looks forward to your arrival.